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Find your perfect printer. Copy Speed Colour 20ppm Color Copy. Windows 10; Windows 10 x64; Windows 8. This utility is a fast and easy program for designing banners, business cards, labels and other specialized documents. View all images 4. This website works best using cookies which are currently enabled. More about cookie settings is contained within the Privacy Page. This software enables oki c mfp tracking of color and mono page printing, the types and quantities of paper used and provides a record of printing activity by department.

Recommend this company very highly. Nothing is too much trouble at Printerland. The dependable C MFP keeps the work flowing. Select Your Product. Product Detail. User Manual. Safety Data Sheet. PCL5c printer driver allows your software application to control your printer. PCL Printer Driver. PS Printer Driver. This driver allows your software application to control your printer. Scanner Driver. Utility Color Correct Utility. Color Correct Utility.

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There is no support plan Operating System: Color Swatch Utility. LPR Utility. Mobile Print. Android Download Here. Network Extension. Network Setup Tool. PS Gamma Adjuster. Restart the machine. Turn it off and on again. If the code still appears, contact your dealer. Off- line and stops each time it has printed about 50 copies. Warning Hard disk full HDD is full or not enough available memory to complete job. This is a temporary warning, it remains until the end of the job then disappears. Warning File erasing Warning Deleting encrypted job Warning Erased data full Warning Expired secure job Indicates that an applicable job has been automatically deleted as the retention period for authentication printing has expired.

Memory reservation failure 5.

Technote (troubleshooting)

Down loading data unsupported on the printer Error Network config Appears during the NIC configuration data is storing in online writing the flash memory, as the setting was changed. Error M Error C Error Replace toner Toner empty. Y Error C Error Unauthorised 3rd party: Replace with genuine toner cartridge. Open the front cover, remove the paper and close the cover. Tray 1 Error The image drum has reached the end of its life alarm. K drum missing drum is not installed properly.

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PostScript Language. Reboot the machine, and try again. If the error is still there, contact your nearest Reboot the scanner dealer. Fail to connect Mail server. Contact your network administrator for further help. Choose SMTP authentication for E-mail security or turn off the mail server's authentication and try again. Command error Reboot the machine, and try again. If the error is still there, contact your nearest Restart scanner dealer.

Check if email attachment size is larger than the mailbox quota. Please reduce file size and retry sending. CIFS Computer name error. Make sure computer name in directory is correct. Contact your server administrator for help. MFP can't store file on this Contact server administrator server, contact your system administrator for help. That server does not support HTTP version 1. HTTP Resource not found That server can't save the files, contact your server administrator for help.

Application Print settings override both the MFP defaults and the driver defaults. Rather than repeat the procedure throughout this manual, it is described here. This procedure is essential if you subsequently add extra hardware features to your MFP after the drivers have been installed and set up.

Set the options for any devices you have installed, including the correct number of paper trays, high capacity feeder, duplex unit, etc.

Click [OK] to close the window and save your changes. When the background color is very dark, the toner may not fuse correctly. Change the background to a lighter color. On the [Job Options] tab, click [Advanced]. If you use True Black to print photographs, dark sections of the photos may appear black. Click the checkbox to turn on [Adjust Ultra Fine Lines].

If the option is turned on, a check mark appears in the box. ON, the MFP will set its own halftone screen value, giving a smoother result. It is recommended to leave this option on. Most applications do not have these color management features and rely instead on the MFP or operating system. Operating System Color Management 2. CM Types 2. The Graphic Pro color management system is recommended for users who are already familiar with ICC profile-based color matching and require more control over color. CMYK data.

This may be useful if color matching from an sRGB input device such as a scanner or digital camera. You can adjust the overall appearance of the print by modifying Hue, Saturation and Gamma. You can adjust the specific palette colors used in Microsoft Office applications. These adjustments only affect one specific palette color at a time.

CMYK documents when simulating the color output of other printers. To download a new profile to the MFP: Click Add. Select an ICC profile from your computer's hard disk. What you select in the printer driver depends on the color matching task that you wish to perform. Examples of selecting ICC profiles for different color matching tasks are shown in the next sections of this guide.

To match the color of an input RGB device such as a monitor, scanner or digital camera, make the following selections in the printer driver: Select a Printer Output Profile 4. If [Auto] is selected, the factory default profiles that are embedded in the MFP will be used.

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CMYK data as a source. On the printer driver [Color] tab, select [Graphic Pro] 1 and click [Options]. You can select from the ink types most commonly used in different regions of the world: Use the [Preserve Black] option to keep the original gray component K channel information. MFP that are intended for final output on a printing press.

This may result in a visible color cast on your print as it will also try to simulate the paper white of the target device. If your document is not a multiple of four pages long, the last one, two or three pages in your folded booklet will be blank. Check that the duplex option is set to [Flip on Short Edge]. Printer collate—This section describes the collate function built into the printer driver. In the [Job Options] tab, choose how many [copies] you want to print from the scrolling list. Click the [Collate] checkbox. Select which [separations] you want to print from the drop-down list.

Click [Browse] 2 and navigate to a file containing an image of the separator page you wish to use, then click [OK]. Check the [Use different source for first page] checkbox. Choose the tray you want to feed the cover page from and the paper type in the [Source] and [Weight] drop-down lists. Offset relative to [perpendicular] direction adds to your left margin. Offset relative to [parallel] direction adds to your top margin normal feed or bottom margin flipped feed.

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If you have previously saved any special custom sizes they will be listed in the Custom Size window. To use a previously saved custom size, click its name in the list. For portrait tall page layout the usual choice is [Long Edge]. For landscape wide page layout the usual choice is [Short Edge].

Choosing [Off] turns off duplex printing and your document will be printed single-sided. N-up Principle. Click [Options] to choose from the available options for this feature. From here you can choose the page printing order, the page layout, whether you want printed page borders, and a binding margin if you need it. An [overlap] may help you to match adjacent tiles when making up your final poster. This feature is only available with the Windows PCL drivers. Check the [Fit to Page] checkbox. Choose the scaling factor you need from the [Conversions] drop-down list. The illustration below shows the Windows PostScript driver.

The PCL driver is very similar. Click the [Watermarks] button.


Click [OK] to close the Watermarks window. Yes max. Microsoft Outlook Express 6. Page of Go. Page 98 Page 99 - Enter the destination fax number by eith Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Previous page. Next page. Chapters Contents Page 2: Page 3: Table Of Contents Sending document s via e-mail Page 4 Types of ICC profile supported Page 5 Index Page 6: Need Help? Page 7: Emergency First Aid If it gets into the eyes, flush with large amounts of water for at least 15 minutes keeping eyelids open.

Page 8: Page 9: Page Page 12 Index. Page 13 [All pages], 1 , for the entire manual. Mfp Overview Rear View MFP is essentially straight. The Control Panel Redial key: Page 17 Used to indicate the stored E-mail addresses for the Send function. Page 20 MFP setup search. Paper Recommendations count Transparencies should be of the type designed for use in copiers and laser printers. Loading Paper Fan the paper to be loaded at the edges 1 and in the middle 2 to ensure that all sheets are properly separated, then tap the edges of the stack on a flat surface to make it flush again 3.

Page 26 Do not load damaged paper. Page 27 3 is open and the paper support 4 is extended. Multi Purpose Tray Before closing the multi purpose tray, paper platform 1 must be latched down. Page 29 Menu scanner menu settings. Page 33 5. Page 37 MFP setup. Page 38 Displays the scanner MAC address. Printer Menu The IP address of your gateway. Mail Server Def. Page 41 Select to print menu map. Page 42 Note: Page 44 Phone Book your fax messages. Page 47 Level to process, but prints at a higher DPI quality.

Page 48 Sets the number of lines of text per page when raw text is received from Lines Per Page systems other than Windows. Page 58 Percentage of life remaining in these consumable M Drum Life items. Page 60 Web Server, you will have to confirm that the account has writing privilege for connecting to the Web Server. Page 63 MS Windows. Page 65 index number , then press OK.

Page 66 The maximum length of name is 32 characters. Page 70 If you want to add a telephone handset to your MFP, connect the line to the Tel socket in certain countries it may be necessary to use a telephone plug adaptor. Page 71 Select the required response setting and press OK. Print Settings And Security The window which opens when you click Properties depends on which printer driver has been installed.

Page 73 TrueType fonts, and whether advanced options such as booklet printing are available. Page 74 If you have changed some printing preferences before and saved them as a set, you can recall them to avoid having to set them individually each time you need them. Page 76 Click [OK] to accept your changes. Page 77 The document will not be deleted from the hard disk after it has been printed. Operation Document s should be square or rectangular and in good condition not fragile or worn. Page 83 Multi-batch document scanning can be enabled.

Page 84 Return on the control panel to log out of the system. Copying Press Mono 2 to copy your document s in black and white, or Color 3 to copy your document s in color. Page 87 if there are any changes in the option condition, the settings will return to the these factory default settings. Page 90 1.

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Faxing You can search for specific entries by index number or alphabetically: Page 95 Reset button 3. Page 96 Press Return to exit the menu and return to the fax screen. Page Press OK to select the required job s for deletion. Page Select required report and press OK to print: Scanning Scanner 1. Page Select the paper size from Card 4" x 2. Page An example of a halftone image would be the pictures you see in newspapers. Page The invert command reverses the brightness and the color in the image. Page 2 After. Auto Level Using the advanced features Scanner 7.

Page Pointer 4: Page When the value of highlight and shadow change, the image changes as shown below. Page Note the level of color intensity will change simultaneously when the hue adjustment is made. Using Custom Settings Click on the Custom Settings button to access a dialog box where you can save your scan and configuration settings. Page 3. Maintenance Fuser, Volt Transfer belt Only use genuine Oki Original consumables to ensure the best quality and performance from your hardware. Toner Cartridge Replacement If you inhale any toner or get it in your eyes, drink a little water or bathe your eyes liberally in cold water.