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Whether users choose to do these things is their choice and besides the point; the freedoms remain. Trust comes into play when users are denied these freedoms; users have nothing else on which to make an informed decision. Therefore users are left to evaluate promises such as the promises you made.

Belief in those promises essentially boils down to uninformed trust. It's no secret that many other proprietors do spy on their users Microsoft purposefully changed Skype protocol to better allow spying, according to http: I'm pretty sure Microsoft wants to have a good reputation despite their behavior.

As you said in the post you linked to, "Although this is my current mindset, it can change in the future. This could apply to the promises you made or strong convictions you posted about on github. The question of maintaining Marta is another issue I think is misstated in your response here and on github. They could even choose to hire you to do the job.

And they can certainly host their own discussions regardless of Marta's license. The underlying issue has to do with whether users will be able to make the software they run on their computers do what they want the software to do which is the issue with which I raised my first post on this thread and thus retain control over their computer. Is there a reason to not license it under a dual license? Have the source code open with a non commercial license and also distribute the binaries under a commercial license. According to what I know, in case of desktop applications, the revenue drops almost to zero, unless you have a Free and Pro versions.

It's reasonable, though, if your potential user base is totally different. For example, IntelliJ IDEA has a Community edition that lacks enterprise frameworks support, but that's not a problem for "single users" because they basically don't do any enterprise. But it looks like it won't work for Marta. This seems to be a great product, and you deserve to charge for it and keep it closed source. Most people won't but somebody else will make the builds and then offer those builds. Cant you have a license that forbids distributing binaries?

Nimble Commander

See that's why I see CentOS as not necessarily a very good thing. It dents into the idea of making money with open source product. Though in case of CentOS it probably helps more than it hurts. For RHEL, the product being sold and bought is not the bits, but the support. This won't work for consumer facing desktop apps though. Perhaps this is a bit off-topic, but I correctly guessed from the domain name and later, the contents of the page, that [1] the author is Russian, and [2] the file manager resembles the layout of FAR, another file manager of Russian origin and seemingly very popular among them.

In short, what is it with Russians and this type of file manager? It's a very curious association. I always found it amusing that in Chasm: For me it was Xtree, that was my favorite file manager ever. In fact NC was so ubiquitous that it had jokes about it printed in computer magazines and circulating on the Fido network. In general what is it that people love about dual pane file managers? I love alternate UIs but I've never understood this one.

Dual pane is optimized for that workflow. But today that multi-window workflow, while of course still possible, somehow feels less salient I'm mainly a Windows user and I regularly have a dozen or more explorer windows open, all showing directories of interest to my current work. From that perspective, using a file manager with only two effective "windows" feels more constraining.

Two pane FM's are optimized for mouseless operation which your workflow is not. TheSpiceIsLife 10 months ago. Have you tried Q-Dir?

Windows Explorer vs. Finder- Switch From PC to Mac

I installed it on my work PC using Chocolatey. I use it because I can do so many things in FAR so much faster than any other alternative or my colleagues. And search recursively. Also run command-line stuff make, python, git. And much more. All that with just a few of keyboard shortcuts. No mouse. FAR is fascinating. It may look like a Norton Commander, but it's fully integrated in Windows and the extension system goes beyond most Norton Commander clones.

But yes, I agree I've asked myself the same question.

The best OSX file manager

Would you imagine that instead of browsing records in a shop or even listening to radio all you and your friends have is the same mixtape copied over and over again? Sounds weird, but that's how software distributed from 80s well into mids in Russia. You didn't get particular products, you got a disk with "all the good bits" according to someone. Somehow Norton Commander ended up in the list at some point, so it instantly became a default and nobody knew anything better. VC was too lightweight. Dos Navigator, written in Turbo Vision by developers from Moldova, was much better and replaced Norton Commander very quickly.

VC was written in asm. I don't know, is it? That's kinda how stuff was distributed in Germany back in the days. At least I think, I don't quite remember in detail what was on those disks. Although I don't remember any computer booting straight into nc Was it that much different in the US?


I'm Russian and I have no idea! But I can confirm that it's very popular amongst old Russian developers. Norton Commander as well. Russians favour brutal simplicity. Forklift[0] Does a very good job of being a stable and reliable double pane file manager with connectivity such as SFTP, S3, GoogleDrive and nice built in things like batch rename and file transfer queues.

I've used ForkLift for a while but then I got a notification that Transmit [1] was updated to version 5 and it's been great so far for me. I like the UI more. Didn't see any mention of SCP -- do you happen to know if that is or is planned to be supported? Please file an issue: My question was regarding the ForkLift app but happy to file one for Marta! Most of the time you work with two directory panes placed side-by-side. This allows you to do the basic file operations such as copying or moving files in a fast and efficient way, because you can see both source and target directories, and you can copy or move files directly, without copy-pasting it.

If you're interested in a little history: I think even it was preceded by the wonderful PFM file manager, which has a modern-day descendant in the Linux world. I don't like that file operations are controlled by F1-F8 keys. This UX is unfriendly to macOS environment. Most users' F-row is in media keys mode by default, so you have to hold Fn otherwise. And I'm not even taking into account the Touch Bar.

The default key binding set is a de facto standard for double-pane file managers. But I understand now that it's not what all Mac users expect from a file manager.

muCommander: a cross-platform file manager

I'll make an option to choose the hotkeys on the first launch [1]. As about the Touch Bar, Marta supports it since 0. I use https: It works quite well for me. You can use software like Karabiner to change the default behavior of F keys for specific apps.

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Not sure about the touch bar though. It's not really unfriendly for developers though, who I would expect make up a decent proportion of the intended audience, and who surely all have the 'Use F1, F2 keys as standard function keys' set. But settings to the rescue! I develop for several different platforms on macOS, and have never felt the need to enable that setting, because I've never encountered any macOS software that required the Fn keys in this particular non-idiomatic way.

OberstKrueger 10 months ago. Even AppCode has some issues there. I guess it's a matter of taste whether you converge your familiar environment around the OS or your primary tools. I have more faith in my ongoing relationship with those tools than with a particular OS. As a heavy emacs and Xcode user at least, I rarely need a function key, and prefer the convenience of the media keys. It's just been my experience with developers with macs. No big deal either way. On a first look, this looks fantastic. Just what I've been waiting for. Time will tell -- I have thought this about a couple of other file managers, but irritations have always eventually surfaced to drive me back to Finder.

The ST-style command palette alone makes this worth a decent evaluation. First-run experience was a bit odd - Marta opened up with both panes empty, and all actions unavailable. That's OK, it's a beta. Seems great so far. I just tried it and I really liked it. It looks very promising. I applause author's statements about its business model "The goal for me is to create the best file manager for Mac, not to become rich.

I have tried everything, from Double Commander, to Forklift,Pathfinder and fman. I was fman user for about a year OSX but it was slow and the quick look with plugins was unresponsive and crashed all the time so I cancelled my subscription about one month ago and I was in search for a minimal but powerful dual panel file manager with keyboard functionality. Thanks for making this, it looks like TotalFinder which I am a user since the beginning for power users.

Especially the tabs functionality. Sorry you didn't have a great experience. I'm working on fman 1. This is really excellent. I used to use Altap Salamander when I was more of a Windows user, and it became one of my most indispensable tools. I've tried most of the Mac commander-style clones Forklift, Pathfinder, fman, Nimble Commander and found them slightly off for various reasons.

And the Sublime-style command palette makes it even better. Excellent job! Try Double Commander. What does this app provide that Finder doesn't? I see something about a background operation queue, which Finder does, archive support, which I have a QuickLook plugin for, and gadgets, which I can accomplish with services.

Whenever I have a new Mac I spend a couple minutes customizing Finder: I get that it's supposed to be simple but it's surprising to me that such basic things aren't in the starting configuration. I do love the spacebar preview though: My mental model is: You can type a website address there and muCommander will fetch and analyze the site and show its resources as files.

Once a month I send updates on the new content and hints for software engineers.

Fast Finder alternative

Wojciech Adam Koszek. Blog Reading Papers About me. I show you the motivation behind the research on file managers I've done and show you my favorite tool. It has a support for modern stuff too: Subscribe for updates Once a month I send updates on the new content and hints for software engineers. All the basic file management features in Commander One are available in the free version. If you need more features, there is a Pro version and most of the benefits are concerned with accessing various types of online storage.

Finder is simpler for managing files, but Commander One is more powerful and has more features. If you often have to perform a lot of file management, it is worth having. Even if all you need is a better zip handler, it is worth it. Some people will need the Pro pack to work with online storage and that costs extra, but most people will be happy with the free version of the app.

Free optional Pro Pack: A great file manager that in many ways is better than Finder. Courses for bloggers! RAWinfopages 2. RAW Apps is a member of affiliate programs and receives payment when products or services are purchased through affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Skip to main content. Search form. April 5, Dual pane file manager The most noticeable feature of Commander One is the dual pane display and that makes it quite different to Finder, which either uses tabs or separate windows to show two disk locations.

Work with zip and other archives Finder can compress files, but Commander One has more features. Working with Windows Commander One has all the abilities of Finder. Search for files Finder is a bit awkward to use for finding files and building complex search queries is clunky and slow.